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  • How to get maximum fun out of MiGMan’s World Tour.
  • content_pasteCase Study: Capetown.
    I spent a week flying in one of the 250 plus areas in MiGMan’s World Tour, just the two missions from Africa Visual Vol.4: "The Cape" and "Dam Busters".
    In each location there will be one mission which takes you across or around the capital city, then one or more cross country flights. In many of the adventures recorded here I flew to just the first waypoint in the first mission. That took me to the centre of town and then I explored. Some of my explorations lasted a few minutes, some an hour. Check them out and get inspiration for your own flights.
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  • South Africa  South Africa
  • location_cityCape Town
  • flight_takeoffCape Town FACT
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  • Review of MiGMan’s World Tour
  • content_pasteReview by popular YouTube channel Sim Hanger. The review starts at 6 min 39 secs. One slight correction is necessary, the flight plan IS accessible in flight by bringing up the default map display (default key 'V').
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  • The MiG-Force
  • content_pasteCheck out the fleet I use to recon, document and fly MiGMan’s World Tour. It's a small but balanced fleet
    • 3 x prop a/c to get up close and personal with the scenery
    • 2 x jet trainers for fast recon
    • 2 x jet Fighters to protect our mobile base of operations
    • Transport - renting different services ATM, until we decide which a/c to lease.
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  • --/o\-- The Future is Now!
  • content_pasteAfter a 14 year hiatus Microsoft re-envisioned their flagship IP. A combination of Bing satellite mapping, cloud storage, Azure cloud computing, photogrammetry, atmospheric physics modelling and many other bespoke software technologies have delivered a quantum leap in the flight sim experience. The next decade looks to be the best yet for flight sim fans!
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