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Homepage: Welcome to MiGMans Flight Sim Museum!

How the Flight Sim Museum works.   A quick tour of the Museum.
Hi. my name is Peter Inglis and I have been passionate about flight sims since I first played Flight Simulator 1 on my Apple ][ in 1981!

Flight Simulator 1
Flying Flight Simulator 1 on my Apple ][ in 1981

In 1998 I created MiGMan's Flight Sim Museum with 4 pages where I enthused about my current favourite sims. I quickly realised that the history of our hobby hadn't been documented, and so today the museum has grown to 10's of thousands of pages to fill that void. I've also promoted flight simulation in the gaming press and mainstream media: MiGMan in the Press.

The most popular topics are linked at the top of each page, or you can dive into the search facility, whic also lists ALL the main indexes! Maybe you'd care to share your fondest flight sim memories by emailing me at migman@migman.com?

If you are excited about the history of Flight Simulation consider contributing via my Patreon page, where I also post all the latest updates.

Thank you and enjoy the Museum!
Peter 'MiGMan' Inglis.

A very brief history of Flight (Simulation!)   A short promo for the Flight Sim Museum which I put together in 2006. I also composed the music. It goes from the Wright Brothers to an F/A-18E Superhornet and features a few of my favourite flight sims.
The MiGMan Fanfare   I composed this fanfare in 2006 to promote a proposed Television series. "MiGMan Fanfare" (c) 2006 Peter Inglis. All rights reserved.
MiGMan on the ABC  
MiG-Pit Mk I   I used to fly in my own home-built own cockpit. It was programmable if you had a day or so to spare!
i-7 3.2GHz   HOTAS Cougar   Thrustmaster  
Support the Flight Sim Museum   You can support the work of the Flight Sim Museum by donating your old sims or by becoming a Museum sponsor via Patreon.
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