MiGMan's Flight Sim Museum: Mission Statement

  1. Encourage and develop interest in Flight Simming as an educational and fun activity.
  2. Preserve the history of Computer Flight Simulation for future generations.
  3. Celebrate human creativity in the fields of aviation, history, science, technology.

We achieve this by:

Curating Virtual Museum Exhibits

The Virtual Museum Exhibits are accessed by the buttons at the top of each page: Software | Hardware | People | Organisations | Media and via the search function.

Flight Simulator 1 C-17 in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.
From this... (Flight Simulator 1) to that (Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004) in just 20 years!

Creating Videos

In this 60 second video (made in 2006) I introduce you to the spectacle and drama of flight simulation.
Soundtrack: "MiGMan Fanfare" composed by Peter Inglis.
Virtual Pilot | Video editing: Peter Inglis.

Maintaining a physical collection of historic software and hardware.

MiGMan's Flight Sim Museum - software collection.
Just a small part of the physical collection of historic software and hardware.

Are you new to Flight Sims?

MiGMan's tips for beginners in Flight Simulation.
Exhibit: MiGMan's tips for Flight Sim beginners

Flight sims can be pretty darned confusing for folks. I remember it took me years to be able to land in the things! I manage it now - most of the time anyway... Smiling.

And those controllers - what are all the buttons for? What do they do?

About me

Hi, my name is Peter Inglis, aka "MiGMan".

More than 25 years ago I created the Flight Sim Museum, creating virtual museum exhibits and continue overseeing it's growth.

During that time I've seen many incredible changes in software environments, hardware platforms and communication speed and breadth brought about by the internet.

Teaching | Performing | Curating

When I'm not teaching Masterwork painting in the Australian outback, I'll be playing 400 years of Western Music, writing books or curating the Museum.

Thanks for visiting!

Peter "MiGMan" Inglis

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